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Teeth whitening:

Teeth whitening with laser is one of the easiest and most pleasing dental procedures that we do for the patients of our clinic in Targu Mures.

We are proud to offer different options for teeth whitening procedures, that are personalized according to each person’s needs and desires.

Because of the fast whitening process (with laser, at our clinic), the patients enjoy more luminous and radiant smiles obtained in a short period of time, in just one hour.

Laser teeth whitening:

PéterDent-Art Advantages:

- A single appointment
- Better final aesthetic effect comparing to the techniques with whitening splint
- No pain during and after this operation (due to the laser desensitizing)
- Minimal harmfulness upon the teeth.

Teeth whitening with laser vs. teeth whitening with gel:



Conventional techniques suppose the patient to wear a splint filled with a high concentration peroxide gel for about 2 weeks.

The low damage is due to the fact that the peroxide gel remains on the enamel surface only for 1 hour. During this period of time the destruction of the enamel prisms and the exposure of the dentinal tubules can not take place.