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Periodontology - is a medical branch that deals with the periodontal study and treatment, meaning treatment of guided tissue regeneration.

Gingival disease is a frequent dental problem that can lead to tooth loss.

Gingivitis (gum inflammation) and periodontitis (periodontal disease) are the most common types of gum disease in adults.


Symptoms of periodontitis:

- red gums, that bleed during brushing and chewing;
- mild pain, during brushing, gingival itching, some discomfort while chewing.


The main cause for periodontitis is poor dental hygiene (bacterial plaque due to lack of professional brushing and proper hygiene).

The process of the disease:


Initially the inflammation of the marginal periodontal occurs , gingivitis being the first sign of proceeding toward periodontitis. This can be treated and healed. An impeccable dental hygiene is required as well.

In case the gingivitis is not discovered early enough, it can trigger periodontitis (periodontitis leads to tooth loss), and it can only be treated through a continuous treatment.

The treatment of periodontitis:

Laser treatment of periodontitis offers the best results (reducing dental mobility, faster gingival proliferation than in the case of the conventional treatments) - it is not traumatizing!